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Step 1: Confirm your vehicle is supported by Redline Tuning (Check Supported Vehicle List)

Step 2: Know what you want to have us do, and be prepared to schedule an appointment. We will need to have a detailed mod list ready before you reach out. 

Step 3: Contact us to setup appointment. This can be done on this page, through, by phone 440-748-7000, or through the shop Facebook page.

Step 4: A scheduled appointment does require a deposit to hold your spot. This is $150, and goes towards the total price of the dyno tune.

Step 5: Before your appointment read through, complete and sign the pre-dyno checklist, along with the dyno waiver  (make sure to bring the signed documents with you), and be on time for your appointment. 

Step 6: Enjoy the benefits of all the new found horsepower in your car!

Base Tunes:


Step 1: Confirm that we offer base tuning for your vehicle. At this point we primarily offer it for vehicles tuned with Cobb.

Step 2: Compile a complete mod list for your vehicle. 

Step 3: Email the mod list to

Step 4: Paypal $150 to

Step 5: Wait 2-7 days and you will receive your base map.

Step 6: Flash base map, confirm vehicle is operating properly.

Step 7: Send data log to confirm vehicle is operating properly. Data logs are to be 20-30 minutes of normal vehicle operation. 

Step 8: Schedule appointment to have the tune completed on the dyno.

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