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BMW Tune Pricing*

Custom Tune via MHD for E Series N55 vehicles (includes Flashing License) - $900
Custom Tune via BM3 for F Series N55 & S55 vehicles* - $600
Custom Tune via BM3 for Gen 1 F & G Series B58 vehicles* - $600
Custom Tune via EcuTek for Gen 2 B58 vehicles (includes flashing license) - $1000
* Requires you to buy the BM3 Flashing license and create your account, if you'd prefer we do it the BM3 License is an additional $595
For vehicles running aux port injection add $250
Prices for MHD include the flasher and logger license fees.
Alternative map for race fuel or E85 add $350
*All prices listed are starting dyno tuning rates for moderately modified vehicles, large turbo or more extreme setups may cost more. Contact us for a more exact pricing.
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